Help a Neighbour-Autumn Eve

The temperature has definitely dropped, there is frost in the evening air. The nights are drawing in and the heating is coming alive again here in the UK.

The children have returned to school. The routine is returning in time for the run-up to Christmas. Along with X-factor ha-ha. There are several family birthdays (Including Mine) and many special days in this quarter of the year. Good or bad memories, we have to make the most of it.

The little people here are so blessed to be thinking what they want for Christmas.

My thoughts and prayers are with the folks who have been struck with devastation all over the world. Some destruction cannot be helped, the floods, hurricanes and such, but we still need to be there for our neighbour!

Those situations which can be helped! Then I ask you to think!!! Stop!

Before any of your neighbours are hurt. Offer out your arm to help and lift someone up this autumn? A kind smile, a kind word. It doesn’t cost anyone to think before harm is caused… Again, be there for your neighbour!!!

There are many organisations who get out there and help in the communities, below are just a few: (please, Nb. I am English)



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