My Mums Tributes!

29th Sept. 2016

So it passed, is it really a year?

Since the Mum, we were blessed with, left us from here!

Back to the Father, yes, he took you home,

but we’ve mourned the loss of our earthly backbone!

I am so thankful to be born to you,

With your home sewn clothes and the Yorkshire stew!

It’s a fraction of the list,  I could write here, but Mum,

I will always miss you, dear.

29th Sept.2017

It is now two years, how have I got through? Not one hour, could I forget you.

Not one hour, could I forget you.

It seems forever since I touched your face and you followed with a familiar embrace.

I will pray to the end of my days; that I will stand behind you in the heavenly place.

There is one thing though, that will make you smile?

I too had a chuckle as the tear ran by,

I bet you are glad there are no phones in His Mansion!

At least I cannot drive to distraction. x


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