Writing is helping me. It always has, I don’t profess to being the best artist or blogger, vlogger or author, but I do enjoy my gift. I express myself through poems and different writing styles. Stories, storytelling, humour and children’s writing, poetry and christian poetry.  I find writing therapeutic.

Fibromyalgia affects many sufferers in different ways and up to now, there is not a lot of understanding. Everyday, I am accused of laziness, ‘you cannot be bothered’, ‘so an so got that and she works!’ To name a few. It is a so-called ‘Blind illness’ however, anyone who knew me previously can identify the difference.

Actually, the pain and fatigue, are the two worst elements for me, but the above make it even harder to live with. I would like to see encouragement and raising awareness of this illness.

Please see:

Fibromyalgia UK,

Fibromyalgia.UK Helplines.8-2-paypal-donate-button-high-quality-png-thumb

Autoimmune Research.


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