I am unsure if any of you saw the poem about my dads life. I did Mum’s tributes, I certainly cannot forget about the best man I ever knew.  Let me see if I can copy it!

Like an orchid, I blossomed away from my roots.

I thanked God for my flowers I had produced.

My roots although distant never did fade, Our Brenda, Colin, frank, Jack, Sheila and Elaine.

This list is exhausted, I’ve left loads out.

My heart though never did without a doubt x
Born in PONTE, Castleford raised. The navy became my travelling phase!

I marvelled at Niagara as I watched the falls. Then back to ship for more of the world.
Next I met Linda, my love was she! and before I knew it we had three!

3 blossoms to nurture, each a different rose. Now I was busy in my humble abode.
I missed a vocation, boy I could sing and my hips shook like Elvis,

Joy I did bring,

To all those I sang too from the heart.

Yes, I sang, just like a lark!
It wasn’t all fun this journey of mine,

Spent time in the hospital,

That was a bind.

I left my mark though that is true,  

I live in the many hearts of those I knew.

Now I am whole, completely pain free

Sat in my mansion waiting for thee xxx.

               By Haley B


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