For Dad…

A Tribute…

I know you would be proud of me if you were here today!

Your smile, your grin, your jesting, like me! On a good day!

Oh, Dad I really miss you, as well as Mum.

At least you are together and away from the ‘hum, drum’.


It’s a different place without you!

All three of us agree!

Now I know your smiling; “at last! It’s how it ‘should’ be!”


Just to reminisce, “Do you remember Shirley?”

The pink dress, the curls and ribbons, in your boots, on New years Eve!!!

I remember the day you took a trip!

Nope! Its not what you think.

You slid down the drive and then dissappeared.

We jumped out of the car and to our surprise,

You were laid underneath it, but Thank God you were alright!


Yes, we have much to be thankful for,

The family, the fun and laughter,

If we had been filmed, I’m sure we’d won a Bafta!

Haley Belinda x











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