Tired Eye’s

Tired Eyes; Can’t Sleep.

It was cold but the moon,

Was bright,

Late December,

The stars were alight,


My bedroom was cosy,

All are Asleep,

Except for Me!

Eyes tired, can’t Sleep!


My dogs, they are huddled,

One of them snores!

My children are quiet,

Behind their doors,


But out of the window,

And down the street,

I could hear someone launching,

The pavement did meet!


Mrs Paloma flew out of the door,

To check the person,

Laid flat on the floor!

“Are you Okay? Come on, let’s see?”

So they went for a natter,

A cup of tea!


My eyes are still tired,

But instead of been dosy,

I admired the sky,

I continued to nosy.


It was now four am. there was a heck of a crash,

This time! It was a poor old lass,

Was it the ice? Or just her own feet?

No! the elastic had broken,

Now left her seat!


Oh dear, I thought;

That was a fright!

Not to mention,

An awkward sight.


I’ m glad Miss Dumbarton was just going in,

When those awake,

Heard the terrible ‘din’.

At least the old lass,

Had nothing fractured,

Except perhaps her pride,

With the rotten elastic.


The night was now quiet,

There was nothing to see,

A few blowing branches swaying on the trees,

My Eyes are still tired, time for defeat.

I laid back down and went to sleep.



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