Rattus, Rattus!

Rattus, Rattus!

I love that! Two simple words that make a gruesome rodent sound glorious. I am currently reading a 75 page older child’s chapter book and It’s about a Yorkie. Close to my heart, as I have one which is almost twelve years old and a Yoranian, her daughter who is half Pomeranian.

I am enjoying this little book by David Heaney ‘A Yorkie’s Tale’. It is so nicely written it’s like the words dance from the page. It has given me a few giggles too.

Stay tuned for the finish. 🤗


I cannot count! There are twice as many pages than I first thought. I am a halfway through this story now! Sometimes, reading takes me longer than I want. I will be making this a feature as soon as I have finished. It is a lovely book and a pleasure to read.

Keep tuned in…🤗


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