A Book Review ‘A Yorkies Tale’ By David L Heaney.

A Yorkies Tale

A Yorkies Tale is a 145-page book by David L Heaney. What I would say is this is an excellent story for older children. I am an older adult, well, let’s say middle-aged! He! He! And I loved it!

The little dog and his friends embark on a journey to discover ‘How they should live!’ During their adventures, they meet all walks of life, sea, air, and land; bird, mammal, and rodent. See my previous blog about: Rattus! Rattus!’
The way the Author has made a gruesome rodent sound glorious is just one example of his smart writing style. The words are so eloquent they are like a dance from the page, and I was hooked soon enough!

The story has made me gasp, laugh and cry as I journeyed with them. Very cleverly woven to present the positive side of life from the negative, I am indeed impressed.

To say any more would spoil the reading experience. Therefore, I would go and purchase your copy or order your copy today, as this is a brilliant moral story for any child.


Haley Belinda x


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