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Amy Throws a Line

New Book- Amy Throws A Line…

New Book: Amy Throws A Line…

A Fishing Adventure.

Almost completed! Editing next…

I will post the Blurb and the cover tomorrow. It has been fun writing this book. I have included the simplicity of ‘Amy’s Windy Tale’ but the story is a little longer.

What will Amy and her friends catch?You will have to wait and see 😂

Here it is… Get a glimpse of what is coming in this next book 🙂

Amy meets new friends at Gates Lake.
They are so excited to be going fishing
but an unexpected catch is pulled out of the water!
How does the day end? Will Amy see the positive side?
What did they catch?
If you read ‘Amy’s Windy Tale’ you will love this!
Come Inside the story and see?
A must read for adventurous little children!


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