World War Games.

The stillness and quiet? Of night as it approaches dawn.

Soon there is some chirping from outside near the lawn.

Miles’ away is the opposite. It’s noisy, there is crying, children all forlorn.

Not a nice reception for those, this coming dawn.

Abba! Father, I shout, “bring your hand out, heal this worldly mess?”

Use your POWER, Stop the humans using theirs, get RID of the distress!”

BANG! Devastation and desolation all around,

NO where to walk on this human carpet on the ground.

I heard the VOICE! It said, “I am coming my child, just so many souls left to save!

Like any Father, I don’t want any child of mine stuck in the grave.”

Oh, please! Stop all you leaders, it’s NOT a game. Take your fingers off the buttons! It’s fathers, mothers, children, sisters and brothers. NOT TOY SOLDIERS, at stake!


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