Catch Up!

The Next Excuse!

I have been on with my latest book, refining it and such like. My fellow authors will know. Thank goodness its a child’s book and not a million words, or I would have forgotten the beginning by now!

I have also been writing more poetry. I am still promising myself the poetry book release. Therefore, I am also refining more poetry which is something I love to do! I gained myself the second place in a recent contest for a small poem, just this week and I am so pleased.

That is all the positive stuff, so I will get this off my chest and forget about it. I have had a fair few trips to the hospital. Which is what I said I would catch you up on before… I had a lesion removed from my mouth. Yuk! and sutured, even more, Yuk! It was sent for biopsy.  It is something called epithelial dysplasia! It just means they have to keep an eye on it.

So, if it appears like I have disappeared again? I might just have nipped back to the hospital and not got bored. Please, bear with me!



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