Rave Reviews Book Club.

#RRBC. The rave reviews book club is for both authors and readers. There are different incentives for both. Essentially, it came about to support indie authors and that is what it does.

I am relatively new to RRBC. However, in the short time I have been on board, I notice several positive aspects for their author members! Where do I begin? Well, firstly, the joining fee is reasonable. This allows you to post three of your books and the prospect for more is affordable. There are lists of book types and each person’s target is to read and review four books per year. Please, feel free to correct me if I am wrong? #RRBC.

There are lists of members for tweet support, thus getting a further potential reach. By this, I mean there are four groups of people who opted to tweet and there are lists for the tweeters to support. Therefore, each club member gets tweet support.

In addition to the tweet support, there are the RRBC. podcasts. Several shows hosted about different topics, all about books. Opportunities to start your own podcast or attend the others. or even discuss your book. I need a bit more confidence to speak on one of those yet. But! Hint hint! you can mention any of my works.

The object of my blog today is because it was announced yesterday to promote RRBC, often they choose days to promote. The general motto is the more the merrier as more people to support each other the more success for authors and club.

Therefore, go and join today!!! Let’s give each other even more support and success!



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