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Just to Clarify…When I joined #RRBC, I noticed a competition. I responded and committed to writing two books. ( I had made a mistake and not paid to enter the competition.)

But… I wrote the books anyway, both are short; one is poetry, the other a children’s book. I needed proofreaders so I could place the books on Amazon for the 15th June for preorder.

NOT the reviews, which is evidently what Amazon thought.

I would be grateful to any volunteers, please? Kindly inbox me here or twitter if you happy for me to send you the pdf books for proofreading and thank you. –

– I do not now need them to be proofread. I pad a professional. I do not see that they have left me a review, this is because I do NOT write my own reviews on Amazon.

I would be so grateful to the person who misread my blog and got my reviews blocked. To write to Amazon and point out the mistake? Please.

It will teach me to post late at night as I usually post un-edited. I missed this till today and assuming its where my mistake came from.

No scheme of manwill


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