About Me

Born in Bradford West Yorkshire UK. My Late Mother was from Bronte country and My Late Dad from Castleford area.
During my lifetime I have been a nurse, done fitness, been a beauty therapist until I was overcome by fibromyalgia. As a busy single parent, I sometimes told stories to settle my children at night. I decided that I could put this to use and share some with you. I am at the beginning so welcome your feedback/ reviews.

I wrote a book in the past which I am reviewing  Hope you enjoy my ‘story telling time’ picture books. I’m a proud mum of three children and grandma to two grandchildren! I used to take pleasure in making up stories for my little ones. Particularly when I  was busy working. I decided I would write them down and share with a wider audience!!! Feel free to leave me your ideas and blogs. I look forward to meeting you and hope you will enjoy my picture story books until I have achieved a library! Thanks for reading…

Feel free to leave me your ideas and blogs. Thanks for reading…