Tired Eye’s

Can't Sleep. It was cold but the moon, Was bright, Late December, The stars were alight,   My bedroom was cosy, All are Asleep, Except for Me! Eyes tired, can't Sleep!   My dogs, they are huddled, One of them snores! My children are quiet, Behind their doors,   But out of the window, And [...]


For those who suffer in the Dark months.   Was I missing? Or just silent. Had I gave up? No! Just hiding. Dark days and nights! Too much silence. Fighting the good fight! Not with violence! Soon will be March! New life emerging... Spring is here! The power is surging!

Rattus, Rattus!

Rattus, Rattus! I love that! Two simple words that make a gruesome rodent sound glorious. I am currently reading a 75 page older child's chapter book and It's about a Yorkie. Close to my heart, as I have one which is almost twelve years old and a Yoranian, her daughter who is half Pomeranian. I [...]

Half Way!

Well! We are half way through January already and it does appear I have neglected you all! Not so though! Just, New Year; New assessment and adjustment. And a flare up of the fibro has seen me asleep night and day! Anyway, back to establishing routine! I will leave you with a nice quote I [...]

Friday Illness A n E.

The noise of the busy department. Even in the early hours too. They keep on walking and working; Is it him next or you? Don't go to the door or the toilet, Or be stranded with sticks in a chair! Or you find yourself at the back of the queue, Thinking, Hey! That's unfair! You [...]