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The Year Heavy Hail Halted Christmas.

A freak storm sends Santa in a panic as his room full of children was interrupted by the Elf.

He returns to the North Pole and calls a meeting.

Is it the reindeer in their jet boots who have the answer?

Journey with Ellie and Abby as they prepare for Christmas.

Available in Paperback on Amazon and E-book at most retailers, this book is a delightful read with your child, children or class as we approach the festive holiday, Christmas Season. $1.32 around £0.99 for the E-book. And £6.00 for the paperback.

Amelia’s Autumn Trail

Now is the time to move Amelia here, as I have a new release, 🙂

This is a book about Autumn.

It has now been reshaped.

I have tweaked it here or there and

I am proud of it!

Amelia's Autumn Trail. Book Cover.

Amelia tells of her adventures through the woods. Her walks with the dogs and other things she appreciates during Autumn.

Her Dad recites some poetry as you walk with them on their Autumn Trail.

This can be purchased At Amazon, Apple, Kobo, nook, and others for approx 3.99$ or £3 approx.

For the E-book. you can purchase the download here!

If you are still a paperback fan then the book is available on Amazon and here too…

‘Through The Window Series’

Book 1: Amy’s Windy Tale

 This my first ever child’s story picture book.

Short but cheerful for small concentration levels.

Young childs picture story book. 450 approximate words, early learning, story telling.

Available at Amazon only at the moment for

the E-book, paperback and Audiobook.

The audiobook can be found at Audible and Itunes too.

 This is the first book in the

‘Through the window series’ of three books.

2.99$ depending on the retailer.

£2.35 approx for the Ebook



Book 2: Amy’s Sunny Sunday

Young child's book, early readers, Amy has to be patient waiting to go out.
Amy is waiting to go out today whilst she watches her friends play.

Her mum is having a lazy day today. Available in Ebook for at Amazon and paperback

Available in Ebook, paperback and an audio format at Amazon, Audible and Itunes 

Ebook Approx 3.99 $ or £3.00

Book 3: Amy’s Rainy Game

child's picture story book, Ebook, paperback and audio book.

This funny little book, the third in the series, will have your child laughing. What does Amy discover today?

Excerpt “You are not spoiling our game Mr Rain”

Available on Amazon in Ebook, Paperback, and AudioBook on Itunes and Audible too.

$3.99 or £3.00 r.r.p for Ebook.